meet our staff

david wenzel

David’s mom first put the idea into his head to become a stylist when david was in banking at the time for 10 years. Unfortunately, when he was looking at going to school for cosmetology his schedule just would not work with his job in banking. Then in 2010 David’s father passed away a few months after his grandmother. This was the moment that sparked his drive and realizing that life is too short not to try. Now 7 years later David has grown by leaps and bounds. He continued his education by 600 hours to obtain his instructors education. After working part time at a school and part time in a salon David decided to work for another salon in town where his craft and skill grew. David now has the education and holds the title of  Wella Master Color Expert, which took about a year to complete as well as one of the very few Ouidad Certified Stylists in the entire state of Missouri. He also auditioned and was accepted to become an  Eufora Regional Educator. 

corinne barto

Corinne Barto is the Director of Operations here at David Wenzel Salon. A California native, she lived and traveled from coast to coast before coming to Springfield. Her professional background is in accounting and office management. She is vital to the company, ensuring that the goals are reached and that all needs are met. In her free time she enjoys napping, sailing, hiking, birding, gardening and spending time with her husband. She is consistently the most caffeinated person in the salon at any given moment. Her work ethic and attention to detail create a great work environment for employees and a luxurious salon environment for clients. 

abigail belt

Abigail Belt is our Client Relations Manager here at David Wenzel Salon. She’s currently a student at Missouri State University and is studying Political Science. She’s been involved in organizing activity in the hair industry for close to 3 years and knows what it takes to create an efficient and positive salon environment. She oversees client relations, training, product management and event organization. Outside of work she enjoys watching documentaries, traveling, and practicing yoga. Any question you may have, Abigail has an answer for it!

becka mccroskey

Becka McCroskey has been doing hair for 5 years. From the moment she touched hair her natural talent and artistry shone through. Recognizable by her bright blue hair, she excels at all coloring services and haircuts. She is also David Wenzel Salon’s lead makeup artist and can perform service for any occasion including weddings, dances, formal events, festivals and anything else that you could think of. Her balayages are seamless and her cuts are detailed. In her spare time she enjoys studying, collecting crystals, spending time with her animals, reading tarot cards, going to festivals, studying astrology and being in nature. Becka is also an artist with some of her work featured at Arizaga Home. She is an Aquarius, making her progressive, independent and focused on humanitarian work. She has a green thumb and and is an active political influencer. Given the chance, Becka will work magic on your hair. 

amber lear

Amber Lear has been doing hair for 26 years. Beginning as an apprentice under the renowned Eric Fisher, she worked her way up into opening her own salon in Wichita, Kansas. Since moving to Springfield, she has found her home at David Wenzel Salon. With outstanding customer service and communication, she is excited to offer a warm and excellent experience to her clients. Once you get a sample of the talent that Amber has to offer, you’ll want to stick with her forever. Amber performs women’s cut and color services, keratin treatments, razor cuts, perms, men’s cut and color services, beard trims and waxing services. Amber will astound you with her passion and talent for hair. 

Brandy razavi

Brandy Razavi has been doing hair fro many years and it certainly shows. She always wows her clients by listening to their wants and being attentive to their needs. She is a very talented stylist and she loves transforming hair whether it be natural or vivid colors. Her transformational colors will astound you and with every service she performs, her attention to detail is incredible. Her passion truly shows through in everything she does. Her look is edgy, but she can create classic and avant garde styles alike. She performs women’s cut and color services, keratin treatments, perms, and mens’s cuts. Brandy is a hardworking and creative professional who you will want to keep returning to again and again. 

Kira blighton

Kira Blighton is a vibrant and extremely talented stylist. Her spirit and artistry shows through in all of her work. Don’t let Kira’s laid back style fool you, she can achieve any look from laid back to classic to modern. Her communication skills and charm will make your time in her chair seem almost like a trip to the spa. She performs haircut and color services and, is a certified Ouidad curly hair expert. After one appointment with Kira you will find a trusted confidant, good friend, and amazing stylist all in one. 

brooke peterson

Brooke Peterson is the Lead Assistant at David Wenzel Salon. She is currently a student at Paul Mitchell The School. Springfield born, she graduated from Parkview High School and is passionate about helping this community to look and feel their best. Her work history includes nannying and coaching gymnastics at Dynamics. In her free time she enjoys traveling, watching Cardinal games and being around her pets. Brooke is a valuable asset to this company and the talent that she already has, shows us that she will be an amazing stylist. 

stefanie victor

sophia thorn